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deprexis: the effective online program for treating depression

Are you a physician or psychotherapist who is interested in new, effective treatment options?

Independent trials of deprexis have demonstrated that the online program is both effective and well accepted by patients. The program combines evidence-based methods gleaned from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with mobile platform and dialogue technology. Your patients can use deprexis on any device connected to the internet and engage independently with CBT exercises, methods and techniques.

We would also be happy to discuss details and questions regarding content, functions, access for your patients and financing with you in a personal meeting.

How effective is deprexis?

deprexis has been tested for effectiveness, safety and appropriate use in different settings in a series of randomized controlled trials. These studies have shown repeatedly that using deprexis results in significant and clinically relevant depression reductions and improvements in quality of life.

Published trials: Beevers et al. (2017), Berger et al. (2011), Fischer et al. (2015), Klein et al. (2016), Meyer et al. (2009, 2015), Moritz et al. (2012), Schröder et al. (2014).

Reviews and meta-analyses (selection): Twomey et al. (2017), Cuijpers et al. (2011), Johansson & Andersson (2012), Karyotaki et al. (2017), Richards & Richardson (2012), Rogers et al. (2017).

To date, more than 7,000 patients have participated or are participating in deprexis studies. This research is being conducted in cooperation with, or funded by, major German health insurances, the German Federal German Ministry of Health, the German Association of Psychotherapists (DPTV) with more than 12,000 members, as well as many other research centers, universities and hospitals across Europe, the US, and other regions. Many additional studies are currently being conducted across the globe, and the evidence base supporting deprexis is growing steadily.

We believe it is necessary to go to such lengths so that physicians, psychotherapists and patients can be confident that they are using an effective and safe tool.

Complementing outpatient treatment

Psychotherapists and physicians who use deprexis often report that the online program can be deployed easily in a variety of treatment settings. By using deprexis on their own, patients acquire a basic understanding of key therapeutic principles that is consistent with a variety of major psychotherapeutic methods and with pharmacological treatment.

deprexis during psychotherapy?

Using deprexis can free up time that would otherwise be required for basic psychoeducation and repetition of material. This may allow therapists to use their personal sessions in a more focused manner in order to work on clients’ individual issues.

The deprexis cockpit is an additional tool therapists can use to maintain an overview of the content accessed by patients, their frequency of use, and how their symptoms and moods develop over time. As a therapist, you can use this feature if you deem it useful and if your patient consents for you to access his or her data.

Flexible adjunct to inpatient treatment

In inpatient and day clinic settings, deprexis can complement existing services offered by the clinic. This can range from integrating the online program into a patient’s daily or weekly schedule to a personalized use as required. deprexis adapts to the preferences and needs of any patients in terms of content, language difficulty, length of texts and treatment schedule and, at the same time, the program covers psychotherapeutic content that is consistent with international standards and guidelines.

Several hospitals and day clinics throughout Germany and Scandinavia use deprexis. Please contact us if you are interested in references and in contacting specialists who use deprexis in their clinics.

… and how can I give deprexis to my patients?

To make deprexis a useful part of regular health services we are working continuously with physicians’ and psychotherapists’ associations, health insurances and other stakeholders. In cooperation with all those involved, we are working on ways to deploy deprexis as effectively as possible and to find reimbursement solutions.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for more details regarding the settings in which deprexis can be used, financing arrangements and reimbursement options.

The development team

We want to offer patients, physicians and psychotherapists a product that meets the requirements of today’s treatment standards. deprexis was developed by a team of physicians, psychotherapists and software engineers. Those involved in the review process included: Prof. Martin Hautzinger (Tübingen/Germany), Prof. Franz Caspar (Bern/Switzerland), Prof. Fritz Hohagen (Lübeck/Germany), Prof. Thomas Berger (Bern/Switzerland), Prof Christopher Beevers (Austin/USA) and Prof. Gerhard Andersson (Linköping/Sweden). Furthermore, deprexis is continuously being tested by psychotherapists and psychiatrists.