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Trials and Reviews

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Ever wish you could just click your way out of depression?

It would be nice if we could do that, but unfortunately we can’t; depression, anxiety and persistent worries can’t be overcome that easily. However, there is hope: physicians and psychotherapists can help you get the treatment you need.

One treatment component more and more physicians and psychotherapists use is the online program deprexis.

Several studies have shown that using deprexis can help (e.g. Meyer et al. (2009), Berger et al. (2011), Moritz et al. (2012), Schröder et al. (2014), Meyer et al. (2015)), and the practical benefits are seen in many clinics and practice settings in which deprexis is used on a daily basis.

Ever wish you could become a new person?

Becoming a different person may be something many people suffering from depression wish for, understandably, but that’s not a realistic goal, of course. What can be done, though, is this: you can learn to understand yourself better and to recognize and challenge unhelpful habits and thinking patterns. It is always possible to adopt a more helpful perspective and try out new ways of approaching problems.

deprexis enters into a virtual dialogue with you in order to help you assess your own situation and find effective ways of coping and feeling better.

More and more physicians and psychotherapists are using deprexis to bring psychotherapeutic methods to their patients. These methods are based, for example, on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness/acceptance and positive psychology.

deprexis motivates

Sometimes we may find it hard to motivate ourselves and work on personal problems. That’s perfectly normal. When we feel like that, it’s nice to have someone who is there to help, to support and motivate us.

deprexis doesn’t leave you out in the cold but tries to support you actively, even at times when you’re finding it hard to work with the program.

deprexis sends you regular text messages and e-mails (if you wish) with practical suggestions, motivation tips and ideas that help you get through the day. So even when you cannot bring yourself to use deprexis, the program will come to you.

Recognizing progress

It can be difficult to recognize your own progress when you’re suffering from depression. Change may seem to take forever or things don’t seem to get better at all. These feelings can be signs of depression.

That’s why deprexis helps you to take a clear and objective look at your own progress. Using simple, scientifically validated questionnaires, you can track and review your mood and your symptoms regularly. Depending on the course of your symptoms over time, you will receive graphic feedback and practical tips that can help you feel better.

These assessments can also help your physician or psychotherapist to optimize your treatment (if that’s something you want).

Always By Your Side

Let deprexis accompany you in your daily life. If you have a smartphone, you can use the online program whenever and wherever you like – at home on your couch, in the subway or while walking in the park.

You can listen to helpful or relaxing audio recordings, rate and document your current mood, or do imagery and relaxation exercises.

deprexis operates on smartphones, tablets and, of course, laptops and desktop computers. You can stop the program at any time and start again right where you left off (even on a different device).

Intuitive and entertaining

Depression can make the world seem gray, dreary and difficult to deal with. With its many audio recordings, illustrations and simple, intuitive user navigation, deprexis helps you find a more mindful approach to your own feelings.

You don’t need any special computer skills and you don’t have to perform any demanding tasks. If you have questions, our support team is there to help.

Anonymous, discreet and safe.

Data security and confidentiality are deprexis’s highest priority. You can use deprexis anonymously and register with a pseudonym (name/email address) that conceals your identity. Your data will be treated with absolute confidentiality and it won’t be passed on to third parties; only you and your physician or psychotherapist will know that you are using deprexis (provided you give your consent).

To keep your data safe, deprexis uses modern browser technology with the latest encrypting technology and stores your data in a certified German computing center.